Better To Be Hated For What You Are Analysis

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Andre Gide, a French writer, once said “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.” This quote explains how life should be lived, because in life you meet people who can be sham. To me it is terrible to live your life like this because you are trying to be somebody you’re not. If you live life being who you truly are, you will find happiness and be a better person, because being fake doesn’t solve anything. Some people don’t act like themselves and act fake in order to make friends that have not seen the true side of them. People nowadays are afraid of others opinions and what they will say. Being afraid of the others opinions makes them hide their true self in order to fit in. From the time we are young we start to test out an assortment of different personalities, because we are impressionable. When you are young you don’t know who you are going to become …show more content…
If you have ever watched small children, you will notice how free they are and how they don’t care what the people around them are thinking about them. To get back in touch with your inner child play, have fun, and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what the others around you are thinking enjoy being you while you are still here. Another way to find yourself is too become more aware of your thoughts. I can actually relate to this quote pretty well, because I have always been worried about being myself around others and thinking they won’t like me for being myself. When meeting new people I always think to myself “What if I say something wrong or do something that will make them not like me?” It takes me awhile to become comfortable with a person so when I become friends with someone at first they usually don’t see the crazy, weird side that I have. I have always been worried when becoming friends with someone if I showed them that side of me they’d judge me for being that

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