Essay Beowulf : A Monster Just Like Grendel

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In the beginning of Beowulf, Beowulf comes to Heorot to get rid of Grendel. However, when he fights Grendel, he does it without protection or a weapon, and rips Grendel’s arm off without mercy. Through his battle, is clear that Beowulf is in danger of becoming a monster just like Grendel. Beowulf also fights, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon, and the fight with Grendel’s mother reminds him of his humanity again. Beowulf is in danger of becoming a monster because of his boastfulness combined with his monstrous strength, and his forgetfulness of his humanity. These attributes and the dangers of a change from man to monster were also problems for the warrior culture in general.
From Beowulf’s first appearance in the book, he was arrogant. He wanted to rid Hrothgar of Grendel’s horrors, but he wasn’t just doing it to be a good person. He is very boastful about his strength, and even goes as far as to say that he will fight Grendel without armor or weapons. His monstrous strength also intimidates Hrothgar. Hrothgar knows that should Beowulf choose to, he could take over Heorot very easily. So, Hrothgar keeps Beowulf in his place by mentioning the debt that Beowulf’s father owed to him. (quote) This is just enough to make sure Beowulf wouldn’t decide to take over Heorot, but it does not stop Beowulf’s boasting. Unferth, Hrothgar’s right hand man, is unimpressed with Beowulf’s boasting, bringing up Beowulf’s failures in the past. Beowulf responds in a very malicious way,…

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