Benzene And Leukemia Case Study

Benzene and leukemia
Melonie Brown
Columbia Southern University Introduction
Benzene is a hydrocarbon that is highly flammable. The hydrocarbon is used in many industrial processes. Statistics indicate that it is among the top 20 chemicals that are widely used in different industries across the world. The substance has wide application in oil and gas industry. As a matter of fact, it is used in making various types of lubricants. Benzene can be formed through natural processes such volcano eruptions. The compound can also be created through human activities especially during combustion of fossil fuels since it is part of crude oil. The big question is: how are people exposed to benzene? Well, there are two ways through which human beings can be exposed to benzene (Peckham, Kopstein, Klein & Dahlgren, 2012).One of the major ways of benzene exposure is through air. Air acts as a medium of exposure. In this case, benzene can originate from factories, Moto vehicles, factories and fumes from gasoline facilities. This exposure happens when people inhale air that is contaminated with the chemical. The second mode of exposure occurs when people come into direct contact of the chemical in liquid form. In this case, discharge of waste water from
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In this case, Specific attention was paid in oil and gas industry. A specific number of Volunteers were obtained among workers who were exposed to benzene in oil and gas industry. Moreover, a specific number of controls were obtained from people who had no history of benzene exposure. Samples of blood from the participants were taken for testing in research laboratories. The analysis of the blood samples indicated something interesting. As a matter of fact, the number of white blood cells was significantly lower among workers who were exposed to benzene compared to the controls (Zhang, Lan, Ji, Li, Shen, Vermeulen & Rothman,

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