Benzene And Leukemia Case Study

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Benzene and leukemia
Melonie Brown
Columbia Southern University Introduction
Benzene is a hydrocarbon that is highly flammable. The hydrocarbon is used in many industrial processes. Statistics indicate that it is among the top 20 chemicals that are widely used in different industries across the world. The substance has wide application in oil and gas industry. As a matter of fact, it is used in making various types of lubricants. Benzene can be formed through natural processes such volcano eruptions. The compound can also be created through human activities especially during combustion of fossil fuels since it is part of crude oil. The big question is: how are people exposed to benzene? Well, there are two ways through which human
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Correct procedures are essential as far as access of the right articles is concerned. In this case, the methodology was clear and straight forward. First of all, the course outline was an essential tool of determining the way forward. The objectives of the course formed the general basis of searching the articles for the literature review. Secondly, a decision was made on the suitable topic to cover as far as the literature review was concerned. After identifying the topic of the study, the focus was on the online university library. There are many articles in the library. Therefore, the selection was done based on the specific course of study. In this case, articles that were related to the topic of study were identified. Finally, a list of 5 articles was obtained from the study. This conformed to the instructions that were given by the …show more content…
In this case, Specific attention was paid in oil and gas industry. A specific number of Volunteers were obtained among workers who were exposed to benzene in oil and gas industry. Moreover, a specific number of controls were obtained from people who had no history of benzene exposure. Samples of blood from the participants were taken for testing in research laboratories. The analysis of the blood samples indicated something interesting. As a matter of fact, the number of white blood cells was significantly lower among workers who were exposed to benzene compared to the controls (Zhang, Lan, Ji, Li, Shen, Vermeulen & Rothman,

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