Benjamin Franklin And His Life Essay

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Benjamin Franklin Born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706 to Josiah and Abiah Franklin, Benjamin Franklin would grow up to be one of the most well known Americans in history. Benjamin was extremely intelligent as a child, he even taught himself to read. His father, a soap maker who had come to the Americas from Ecton, England in 1683, had planned for his tenth and youngest son to study at Harvard and work in the clergy. Ben was sent to different schools, but only for a couple of years because of difficulties with money. Josiah still wanted his seventeen children to have good minds, and he often invited friends over to dinner, whose strong opinions and thoughts influenced the young patriot. Upon returning from London, twenty-one-year-old James, the older brother of Benjamin started his own printing business. At twelve-years-old, Ben became the apprentice of the New England Courant, promising his service for nine years. Over the years as his writing skills improved, Ben wrote many pieces under various pen names, Mrs. Silence Dogood being the most famous. However, when it became known that the teenage boy had been the author, James became even more jealous than he already was. He began beating and using his position over Ben to hurt him. On September 5, 1723, seventeen-year-old Benjamin fled Boston to look for work in New York. He met William Bradford, owner of a print shop. William pointed Benjamin to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to possibly work for his brother,…

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