benefits of youth sports Essay

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October 28, 2013 The positive effects of youth sports Athletics can have a very major impact on a child’s life. Students who participate in youth athletics learn many life skills that can positively affect their lives. Athletics benefit children in physical, psychological, and social development. Studies show that youth who participate in organized sports during middle and high school do better academically and are offered greater job prospects than children who do not partake in sports activities (Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph. D 2). Organized sports also benefit children by getting them active, decreasing health risks for them in their future. Students involved in athletics can develop positive friendships that
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College coaches look for students who are equally talented in their sport and in the classroom. Students who receive athletic scholarships for college are still required to meet grade requirements to be eligible to play. Athletics can not only be a major part of how successful a student is academically but it can also benefit student’s health. Benefits of sports and physical activity for children include reduced risk of obesity, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved coordination and balance, better sleep and improved social skills. Physical education and sports also build health activity habits that encourage life-long participation in physical activity. Organized sports have been shown to assist in breaking the vicious cycle of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle by improving caloric expenditure, increasing time spent away from entertainment media, and minimizing unnecessary snacking (Donna L Merkel 153). Studies show that sports can be a very effective treatment for depression. Sports and physical activity can make a substantial contribution to the well-being of people in developing countries. Studies show that positive health benefits for physically active young girls include a reduced risk for developing breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, and obesity in the future. Rates of teenage pregnancy, unprotected sexual intercourse, smoking, drug use, and suicide decrease with increasing physical activity and participation in sports. (Donna L

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