Benefits Of The European Union Essay

1041 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
In Connolly and Tran’s article, they show us many different beneficial things that the European Union has done for Europe over the past years. They believe one of the biggest achievements of the European Union was the establishment of the single market. Other benefits include the single currency throughout Europe, easy passport-free travel, and Democracy and human rights for all citizens. I thought this article was very influential for my presentation because it maps out many different benefits that the EU has given to all of Europe. It helped give me other ideas to research about and discover more information about the beneficial things the European Union has established. I am using this to help give me ideas on things to discuss throughout my presentation to show everyone how beneficial the European Union actually has been for all of Europe.
Lewis’s article shows how beneficial the EU is for one specific part of Europe; the United Kingdom. The UK and EU have had ups and downs over the past years and the UK is thinking about ending its relationship with the European Union because they do not believe the EU has helped them at all. In the article, she shows the many different beneficial factors the EU has established for the United Kingdom over the years. Many of these are the same for all of Europe, but I thought it would be interesting and important to show one specific country or part of Europe and how the things the EU have done over the years have helped it…

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