Essay Benefits Of Stem Cell Research

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Every day in the field of science is a new day filled with new discoveries. Along with these discoveries we are slowly being able to better understand the world around us and make cures for the incurable along the way. Within the past couple of decades, science has advanced so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes and to be able to accept them as reality. However, when there are new scientific discoveries there are often debates on its reliability and whether or not it’s ethical to use such means, but usually is accepted within a decade or two. The use of stem cells, however, has been a topic of debate since the 1970s and shows no sign of ending just yet. Even so, research in this field has continued and has shown that it can be used in various ways to save and/or change lives. It is very important to allow stem cell research to continue in order for further medical advancements to be possible in the country such as personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine, as well as to be able to be competitive in the world market.
Personalized medicine is one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields in modern medicine. The practice utilizes a patient’s own stem cells or that of a closely matched embryonic stem cell to reverse the effects of terminal diseases and injuries and modifies their cell’s DNA. One of the more recent stem cell studies have been focusing on trying to use an adult patient’s own stem cells in order to cure their ailments. The…

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