Benefits Of Solar Thermal

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Solar thermals are one of the more common solar systems; however, they are often referred based on their service rather than the name solar thermal itself. Solar thermals comes in many different variation; from focusing light, acting like a furnace, to application of a heating water, acting like a water heater; solar thermals are everywhere in everyday life (Kalogirou, 2004, p 238). While they are not commonly recognize as photovoltaic, they are widely used in many of its different form.
How do solar thermal work? Solar thermals are user of heat to provide energy. It comes from the word solar and thermal, which means sun and heat respectively. They are able to incorporate solar radiation’s heating component to a fluid, which is then used as
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Through analyzing data from solar thermal station, Trainer (2014a) proclaims that for a solar thermal to even begins working, there must be at least 400 W/m2 of radiation in the area else no energy is produce (p 58). If the amount of radiation is too low, there would not be enough heat to actually warm the fluid and the pipes and thus the system will not be able to provide the energy as the requirement is absent. In an environment where light is limited, it is questionable whether solar thermal would be a beneficial system unless there is another source of usable …show more content…
Lillestam, Pfenninger, Gauché, Damerau, Wagner and Patt (2014 evaluate the total lifetime output of solar thermals and found that “[solar thermal] plant will generat[e] electricity during summer as well” and so when the total energy output is average, the efficiency is levelised, or averaged out (p 424). Because the output during the summer is high enough to keep the cost to efficiency ratio low, it is questionable how dangerous winter really is to solar thermal’s total output.Trainer (2014b) responds by claiming that the output during winter is important, as output in each season is important to the users (p 422). Even if solar thermal were to produce massive energy or store the energy, come winter, the output will be too low for the user to be productive. The inconsistent production of energy can cause a decrease in performance or halt in the user’s work, and thus it is important to understand when and where to use solar thermals. Solar thermal is unable to make any beneficial energy when situation are not optimal enough (Trainer 2014a, p 63) and work is

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