Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage Essay

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Many people work day by day in California to improve their family’s life styles. They work a double job because they are not able to buy their necessities if they are earning $7.50 an hour. According to the articles "History of California Minimum Wage", California wage history was “January 1, 2007 of $7.50, January 1, 2008 of $8.00, and on July 1, 2014 it went up to $9.00.” Even though we see that the minimum wage is raising it’s happening at a slow pace. Which does not provide us with enough to live with the basic such as food, rents, childcare, and healthcare. Raising the minimum wage can lead to many positive effects like better financial stability, work full time and earn benefits, on the other hand it can also have negative effects, for example less jobs and more dropouts from school. Although raising the minimum wage in California may cause inflation and fewer jobs, it will improve the stated economy, decrease poverty, and reduce government help. The higher the minimum wages is in California the more money the economy will have to spend for example Bryce Covert stated “A recent study by the Chicago Federal Reserve found that raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour would increase household spending by about $48 billion the following year, amounting to a .3 percent boost to GDP. ” this will strongly help our economy not only are the workers income be a little higher, but it will also help our community boost up our economy. Dorn states, “If we 're going to live…

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