Benefits Of Raising A Family Essay

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Raising a family was always part of the plan but raising eight children was a surprise and a beautiful miracle. At the age of sixteen my mother had some personal complications and was told there was a good possibility she could never have children. My mother never gave up hope. My mother is a small petite woman with pale skin and light short brown hair when she met my father at the young age of eighteen. They fell in love and married a year later. After many treatments with fidelity drugs my mother got pregnant with my older sister. A few years later my mother was blessed with my second older sister, then myself, and followed by my other five siblings through the years. My mother’s life now revolved around raising a big family. My mother is the glue that holds our family together. Besides working a fulltime job, she is also a fulltime mother, wife, support system, cheerleader, cook, and she plays many other roles in our family. If you ask my mother she would say her biggest and greatest job is being a mother. Her day usually started at five in the morning by getting herself ready for work. Followed by getting kids up and running them to early morning practices. Returning home getting the other children up to get ready for school. She would fix breakfast and find the missing shoe that someone would lose. She was the referee over the bathroom and the other fights that would break out between siblings. She would make sure we had our backpacks and got to the bus stop on time.…

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