Benefits Of Mentoring From Upper Level Management Essay examples

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The problem in today s workforce is the lack of mentoring from upper level management. A firm that leads to lower level and mid-level employees has problems with customer relations and do not know how to communicate ideas to make the firm more beneficial. With research and further reading I will outline the benefits of a mentoring program, how to handle time constraints, and benefits you could receive from being a mentor.

Benefits of the Mentoring Program

Making your organization more profitable is one of the biggest benefits for your organization. With making your organization more profitable you need to employees that are intelligent and educated on the organization and the goals of the organization. The biggest problem is having the lower level employees not properly handling customer relations professionally. With this mentoring program, it will teach them how to how to be respectful, when to leave a situation and teach them the psychology of sales better. If employees keep begging for pay raises or job promotions they must have results to back them up on why that should give them a raise or promote them. This mentoring program will initiate a flow for multiple ideas. The problem is that these employees may have the right ideas for the organization that the organization could benefit from but these employees don’t know how to express them. Higher job satisfaction rates have aslo been concluded from mentoring programs; an analysis was conducted to see the outcome of…

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