Benefits Of Integrated Energy Therapy Essay

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Since the 1970s, the society has become more centrally aligned. This is occurring with an association between various interest groups in order to create a market structure that is responsive to everyone. The most notable include: government, business and labor. Each one of them provides insights about how to develop polices which are taking into consideration the needs of a variety of stakeholders. ( Macionis, 2012) The basic idea is to use them as a way of protecting specific segments and ensuring that all policies are following the most accepted social beliefs and practices. (Smith, 2004) (Hutchinson, 2014)
The interview was conducted with Mrs. X. She is involved with integrated energy therapy (IGT). This is a safe and nurturing way of changing how someone looks at themselves and their future. These objectives are accomplished by encouraging the person to abandon concepts and events related to their past. While at the same time, it is a healing approach that balances healing with the body 's energy. This allows the suppressed emotions to flow naturally. (Mrs. X, personal communication, May 4, 2015)
This person was chosen based upon the unique insights they can provide. This is because they are required to work with patients more and continually fulfill various tasks. At the same time, they understand the psychology, customs, behavior and biological factors which are contributing to a host of conditions. This enables them to comprehend the challenges patients are going…

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