Essay on Benefits of Having Many Friends

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The Benefits of Spending Time with a Large Number of Friends
Chet Sunhong, En Rotana, Tum Sotheary
Institute of Foreign Language

No human should be alone. We all need connection, communication, support and protection. All sort of these things are mostly thought that they are given by our first form of relation, family. However, there is also another important relation second to family which is called friendship. Easily understand definition of friendship is the relationship between friends. Our schoolmates, classmates and playmate are all our friends. Friends are those whom we spend most of our time with beside our families. And this come down to a stated topic that, “some people prefer to spend time with a few close friends.” And
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Having enough time with them is one of the few pleasures in life that can cost us very little, but reward us significantly. For example, hanging out together, walking the pets together, watching movie, trying new things and extra. In addition, we could also look out for any special occasions such as Christmas and New Year eve, Water festival, or some events that do not have to be a huge event, it could be as simple as inviting friends over to our house to have a barbeque party, pool party, room party or something like that. All of this can result as the best way to get over stress and any kind of mental sickness. To sum up, spending time with friends can help us cope with the stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a great contribution.
In conclusion, spending time with a large scale of friends is more beneficial for us. Friends can teach us many traditional and cultures, as well as the languages. Sometime they may share their experience and tell us a lot of information they have known. Furthermore, a large number of friends can form a big networking system which is so helpful for our future. Last but not least, they are beneficial to our mental wellbeing. Within these three main benefit, we prefer to build a lot of friends. And we suggest, who have not got so many friends, to have as many friends as you could

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