Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food Essay

759 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
You might have read some news that related to GMO on TV. You might have seen some food that labeled genetically modified food in the supermarkets. You might have wondered why some tomatoes could stay firm for a long period. With the development of scientific technology, transgenic products had unconsciously come into our daily lives. As we know, the United States is one of the countries producing huge amount of genetically modified food in the world. Most of the soybeans and approximately 50 percent of corns in the United States were grown through transgenic way in 2006 (Genetically). However, many people in America never notice that they are eating genetically engineered food because the U.S has no requirement of mandatory labeling it (Young, Allison). Although some people argue that transgenic technology can help farmers increase the agricultural production, genetically modified food still should be strictly controlled because it has the potential risk of human’s health, destroys its original nutrition value and negatively affects the soil microorganism.
One reason why the government should be serious about controlling GMF is that transgenic products is potentially dangerous to human’s body. Some biologists made a test on rats fed with transgenic soy for a very short period which was around 10 days and they concluded that there was no bad effect on rats (Luciane). However, in 2015, Turkish biologists made a research for evaluating the negative effects of long period…

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