Dermatology Research Paper

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As largest organ of the human body, the skin has abundant number of diseases. With the incidents of diseases, especially skin cancers, increasing, dermatology is one the most important specialties (Yusuf). However, more pressure is placed on medical students to become family medicine or emergency care physicians, as there are only 15,000 registered dermatologist in the United States (Dermatology). As an effect of low number of dermatologist in practice, medical students aren’t exposed to opportunities and benefit of dermatology. Although is is an often overlooked option, dermatology is a excellent career choice for medical students.

Compared to other healthcare fields, dermatology is one of the least stressful jobs in the medical field.
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One way a dermatologists can make their career fit to them is by studying a subspecialty. Many individuals who want to go into medicine are hesitant because of surgery. Dermatology is an excellent choice for these individuals as it offers many non-surgical subspecialties where the physician will never have to perform surgery on a patient. And whereas most medical careers only offer two or three main subspecialties that require the doctor to perform surgery, dermatology offers five main subspecialties each with their own benefits (A Career in Dermatology). The many choices of specialities allow each physicians to work within their limits. As well as the vast choices in subspecialty, dermatologist can also choose between hospital work and working alongside other doctors or being a solo practitioner and being the only doctor in their own clinic. Both hospital work and solo work have different options for physicians to pick which one fits their work style and personality better. For example, if someone wants more independence then self-employment would for them, as they can make their own decisions and run their own clinic. But if someone wants more time off then group work would be for them, as hospital dermatologist share their patients (Physicians and Surgeons). Although many specialities have options to

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