Essay on Benefits Of Benefits For College Students

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Each year high school seniors graduate, and begin their journey into college. As they transition from high school students to college students they encounter new experiences, and situations in which they have never been exposed to. Incoming or even on going college students face numerous amount of economic situations within every year of college. The improper or proper amount of experience can make or break a student’s college life. The one challenge many college students face is managing money for the year. Saving money in college can be a hard to do task due to the many expenses students face, but there are many ways to save and manage money as a college student.
College students have great amount of expenses including Household expenses, Educational expenses and personal expenses. Whether a student begins to live in a dorm, rent an apartment or live at home with parents, house hold expenses such as sanitary products, food and bills become inevitable. As stated by the article, “The least expensive option is of course, for your child to live at home and commute.”(College Expenses Checklist). Even if a student decides to stay home to save a couple of dollars, books, classes and tuition are expenses one cannot avoid. As shown in the article, tuition can amount up to 35,000 dollars per year, “A good estimate for your book budget is about $500 per semester.”(College Expenses Checklist). Managing money for books is the most difficult task because some books are essential for…

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