Student Debt And Student Loans

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Student loans are some college students’ worst nightmare in today’s society. Most people do not understand what debt really is. “Debt is not just a check every month but colors the day-to-day experience of my life, whether I live in a smaller or larger apartment, whether I can buy a house, whether I can travel to Europe, whether I can eat out” (Williams; 156). The loans build up over time; slowly but surely they all turn into student loan debt. What are some perspectives on taking out student loans for college? There are many different views when it comes to the issue of student loan and student loan debt. There are different views such as student loans are worth it, student loans are not worth it, it is worth it if the student has a substantial …show more content…
In this case and perspective, it was worth it. Some students believe that they are better off working straight out of high school rather than getting students loans and going to any sort of college. “You can’t flip a college degree the way you can flip a stock, or even a home. But what bubble believers are really saying is that young people today are radically overestimating the economic value of going to college, and that many of them would be better off doing something else with their time and money” (Avery, Turner; 165). Getting a higher education is more important than having to pay off student loans. Higher education will get the student the money he/she needs in order to pay off the student loans that they have received. “Higher education is widely viewed as the key to a wide range of pecuniary and non-pecuniary benefits in later life- outcomes such as higher incomes, greater status, or an improved lifestyle” (Lightman, Connell; 132). The students that do not have money, but have a very good and positive outlook have this perspective. They are the students that feels like nothing that cannot hold them back, no matter what comes their

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