Benefits Of Being Happy At A Job Essay

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It’s said that only about five percent of people choose the right career the first time. That’s five percent; out of how many people in the world? I don’t know about you, but that sure makes me feel a little better about choosing my career, but at the same time makes it a little scarier. If you’re like me and have no idea what you want to do, it’s also one of the most stressful things. All I know is I want to be happy. I favor my own happiness over making a ton of money any day. Happiness is far more important to me than making money. The reason I choose being happy at a job is it can create a lot more stability, you’ll be a lot more satisfied, and you’ll even understand the importance of money more.
One reason that being happy at a job will make life a little better is it’ll be a lot more stable. If you’re happy with a job it can create a lot more stability. Because if you like where you work, then you’re more than likely to stay. Stability includes your finances as well. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with each paycheck you receive. So with that you can separate what you need for bills and what all you have extra. It also means a lot less stress. If you’re comfortable and stable then where would the stress even come from? You’ll know your set schedule and get it down. You’ll wake up each morning and want to go to work instead of the always “never wanting to get out of bed,” situation that we know each person has. You will also feel more stable in your…

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