Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

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Since a long time ago, human rely on vegetables, corns and fruit. After creating and using tools, human have ability to hunt animals and get meat, however, there is still a small amount of diet structure. With improve of productivity, life standards have a huge development, meat is occupying a larger and larger ratio in life. Some diet related diseases appear, for example, diabetes, obesities and etc. Each year, a lot of people suffers from these diet related diseases and cost a lot of public money. Recently, doctors and governments recommend public to be a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian can be very helpful to avoid problems above. Because being a vegetarian have three benefits: have a healthy diet, protect our environment and treat animals …show more content…
Vegetables and fruits contain less fat than meat, especially, there are less saturated fat in vegetable. Taking too much saturated fat will increase risk of having cardiovascular disease and stroke. Some people might say that only eating vegetables cannot meet a daily needed protein. However, in Brenda & Vesanto’s book The New Becoming Vegetarian state that vegetarian diets provide sufficient protein intake as long as a variety of plant sources are available and consumed. In fact, there a wide range of vegetarian resources include nuts, bees and tofu contain varies protein. Being a vegetarian can avoid superfluous nutrition intakes, therefore, they can less likely to suffer from diet diseases, for example, high blood pressure, diabetes and etc. For a long term, money that were used to treat these diseases can be used to other part. People can far away of risks just by stopping eating …show more content…
Most people may have never been to a livestock farm, most animals are facing a harsh environment and abused in livestock farm. In sake of reducing a cost on each livestock, farm always need put all animal in a high density space. Half of fish that people eating are artificial breeding, instead of catching from wild. They have to stay in a place that very crowded, and dirty water can cause fatal diseases. Because these fish can be very stressful, they will bite off other fish’s fins, nails and eyes. When some deep sea fish was caught to sea leave, their organs can explode due to sudden change of pressure. Even for the fish live in shallow water also have to die cruelly, because their gill cannot open when they come to air, they cannot breathe to die and this process usually last to about 10 minutes. Reducing eating meat is a way to show compassion to animals. Some teenagers may still concern about being a vegetarian will not supply needed nutrition. It is never too young to be a vegetarian and people still can be very healthy, if their meals are well planned. They can get protein from nuts, get iron from wholemeal bread and get Vitamin B12 from cereals. People even can feed babies a vegetarian

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