Benefits Of Being A Talent Essay

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Although talent is a high value, as in people often believe that they should have a talent. Having a talent can have harmful effects on students because it can lead to exhaustion, and lack of free time. Often parents push their children into a specific talent at a young age without letting them choose for themselves.Pushing them at a young age can be harmful, not only now but later in their future. It can be harmful to them in the future because it can affect the students learning, and social skills. Parents want the best for their children, these are going to be harmful affects that as parents should avoid when it comes to their child and their talents
For instance, working on a talent in excess can cause physical and mental stress.Getting sleep is a big part of everyone 's daily routine, it is even more important to get sleep when you are a child. It is more important for children to get sleep because it can “affect the growing process” and there “immune system” (Kids Health). For example, Marita in Outliers started school at five in the morning and did not finish her day until five at night. Once she gets home she started her homework right away, she would not start heading to bed till eleven at night. Marita says that she sometimes “dozes off in class”(Gladwell 264). Due to, not get enough sleep can affects the way the student thinks and the way they learn. Parents their student to expand their learning ability, in order to do that they need sleep.
Students often become…

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