Essay about Benefits Of Being A Friendly Person At The Community

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IGN: OfMyRocket

Age: 15 (16 in September)

Skype: Yes, pm if needed.

Time zone: GMT

When did you join ViperMC/ViperHCF: Only started playing regularly since the start of the current map.

How active are/were you: I am on school break so I am on the server the majority of the day.

Be honest, how do you think of yourself in the community? (Toxic, friendly, etc.): I see myself as a friendly person in the community. I am always around trying to do my part, helping out with newcomers to get them started. I would happily help anyone even if they 're more on the toxic side. If staff ever struggle to answer any questions from players I always step in and try to do my best to help them. Overall I am a friendly and all round helpful person.

Why would you like to apply for Viper: I would like to apply for Viper as I can see it as a growing server with amazing potential in the HCF scene. With that comes complications with trying to help everyone that needs it. The staff can sometimes struggle to get round to everyone because of the size of the player base on the server. However, the staff team does their best on the server to help as many people as possible and I understand how difficult it can be. I am applying to help speed up the process of staff getting back to players in need and dealing with the bad and also toxic players in the community. Also, I 'm applying to get rid of the hackers and clean up the chat from racism, advertising etc. I notice that there is a lot of people…

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