Benefits Of Advanced Care Planning Essay

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Anthony Vella is a 46-year-old man diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Which now has been said that further chemotherapy will be ineffective. Anthony’s health status had been carefully managed by the palliative care team and have been working with Anthony to explore his care needs and end-of-life decisions. His symptoms (severe nausea and abdominal pain) have improved until he was admitted to the Emergency department after collapsing at the shopping centre. At this stage, it is suggested by healthcare professionals that an
Advanced Care Planning (ACP) should be undertaken even though Anthony addressed to the nurse he will “need more time to consider it”. It will be further discussed throughout this essay, the benefits of ACP, when ACP should be initiated, when and who ACP should be reviewed with as well as the preparations required. In addition, the information involved in the ACP is also to be covered.

One of the benefits of Advanced Care Planning (ACP), is that it supports and allows patients like Anthony to express their opinions and beliefs for their end-of-life care and respects patient autonomy. Recent evidence suggests that ACP can provide satisfaction for both the patient and family by simply providing the patient’s care needs (Mullick, Martin, & Sallnow, 2013).
Advanced care planning can be defined as the decisions made by the patient about the future care which will take effect when they have lost the capacity to make the decisions for…

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