Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet Offers Essay

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A lot of people, especially women, are crazy about skin care. Accordingly, vegetarian meals have large numbers of important vitamins and even antioxidants, which are crucial to maintaining healthy skin. Vitamins C and E are highly found in fruits and vegetables. They are strong antioxidants that prevent free radical agents that destroy the skin and help delay wrinkles and brown spots, advancing a general young appearance. There are many examples for vitamin E sources: nuts and seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, and ground flax seeds. Peanut butter is a simple approach to obtaining both vitamin E and protein through a single food source. In a recent article in a Health magazine, beans contain zinc, which battles zits and reduces irritation, avoiding redness and pimples (Gordon, 2006) .
Also, women dream about having fit bodies. That, of course, is one of the many benefits that a vegetarian diet offers. An Oxford University study of 37,875 healthy adults between the ages of 20-97 concluded that 5.4% of meat eaters were obese as opposed to just 3% of vegetarians ( Berkow, Barnard, 2006).
People who follow vegetarianism can live more than people who eat meat. There are more than one research that proves it. For example, in 2003 one study found that a long term vegetarian diet (20 years or more) can increase a person’s life expectancy by at least 3.6 years ( Singh et al., 2003). Another research argues that the more committed a vegetarian is to his diet, the lower the rate of…

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