Essay on Benefits Of A Tax On Snack Foods

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Adding a tax on snack foods will also help stop the overconsumption of such junk foods. According to Frack, snack consumption is one of the reasons people have increased their calorie intake. Adding a tax on snacks may be the most effective and "...a snack tax is most legislatively feasible" (Franck 1950). With that said, the legislative branch will most likely agree with a tax act on snack foods. This too creates problems though. "...a snack tax alone might be ineffective in addressing the obesity epidemic" (Franck 1950). A tax snack alone will not solve the obesity issue. It will only decrease a small amount of calorie consumption per year, but we can use the money we make from an added tax to support community health programs. Before we get to such programs, let us discuss an added tax on sugar-sweetened beverages since these are the number one foods consumed according to Finkelstein (22). An excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, since it is the number one food consumed, will help decrease high calorie consumption. Why an excise tax? Franck agrees it will be more effective than a sales tax, "By contrast to sales taxes, which constitute a percentage of the retail price, excise taxes are levied at a fixed cost per unit of measure (1950). Sugar is consumed on a daily basis and affects people and our children. Franck agrees, "sugar-sweetened beverages account for 10%-15% of calorie intake for children and adolescents" (1950). As parents we want the best for our children,…

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