Benefits Of A Smart Building A Successful Presence Within My Field Of Future Employment

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In the current age, the job market is filled with cut-throat competition with candidates fighting for an edge over their competitors, it is through an individual holding social and emotional competencies that provide an edge over other candidates. This range of emotional developments are often known as soft skills, examples of which being personality traits, preferences and motivations (Heckman & Kautz, 2012). Through this portfolio I will comprehensively analyse and assess my competencies in regards to; those required to establish a successful presence within my field of future employment and those that hinder, either directly or indirectly, my ability to progress along my chosen career path. In addition to this I will establish goals in the form of the SMART structure to improve my soft skills to best fit those required by my career of choice.

Intrapersonal Effectiveness is a crucial tool for a candidate to have within their portfolio, defined as an individual understanding their personal goals, struggles and motivations. This concept is a very broad idea, within this portfolio is will be considered within the terms of the well-respected theory of the Five-Factor Model of Personality, commonly named the Big Five (McShane, Olekalns & Travaglione, 2013).

One of the most well-received personality theory, The Five Factor Model (FFM), is the result of a range of 17000 personality keywords being compiled initially into clusters and then further categorized to form…

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