Essay Benefits Of A Physician Or Healthcare Provider

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Langendoen and Bartels also express the need for goal-driven decision making asserting that, if the goal is strictly patient comfort, then pressers should be discontinued, however, if the patient’s goal is to maintain alertness and the ability to communicate, then many measures may benefit the patient and should be continued (Langendoen and Bartels, 576). It is also important to revisit and reevaluate a patient’s needs on a regular basis as their care progresses.
Some people may argue that because a physician or healthcare provider is deliberately stopping treatment, that the resulting death is therefore just as deliberate and just as morally inexcusable as actively euthanizing a patient. Still, the idea of “letting” someone die “naturally” is considered to be much more permissible by many healthcare professionals. A patient can refuse a treatment and therefore, if the discontinuation of that treatment results in death, it is still for the patient to decide. On the other hand, a patient cannot demand a treatment, and if a patient requests active euthanasia, it is for the doctor to decide whether or not to provide that treatment. In this case, the decision falls on the doctor and the resulting death would then also fall on him/her.
A common argument against euthanasia is the “killing in the baths” argument provided by James Rachels. In this comparison, one man actively drowns a child in a bathtub, while the other only lets the child drown in the tub. Rachels argues that…

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