Essay about Benefits Of A Great Corporation Failing

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A great corporation failing because they don’t have enough volunteers that are properly equipped with the knowledge, to teach kids great life skills. FFA struggles to keep their organization in many schools because they don’t have enough staff. Teachers must have proper degrees in agricultural education to teach in FFA. Incorporating FFA into more schools around the country, is a wise choice considering the things that are given back from FFA. We get leaders, agriculturally educated students, and career readiness that young students need more than anything. They have jobs and career readiness that students can attend and be a part of. They promote leadership, develop personal growth and gain career success through agriculture. They help to individually grow each student to promote american agriculture and a strong sustainable world.

In Ohio there are some schools that have an FFA club incorporated at their school, and some that do not. In Licking County, the schools that have FFA are Utica, Northridge, Johnstown, Licking Valley, as well as Sheridan. The schools that are without an FFA club are Watkins, Licking Heights, Newark, Lakewood, Heath, Newark Catholic and Granville. There is a majority of schools in licking county that are without the FFA club which is a problem that needs faced. FFA provides profound knowledge that goes unseen by these seven schools without FFA. Incorporating FFA into these schools can provide great opportunities for agricultural education as well…

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