Essay on Benefits Of A College Education

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Having a college education is key to a successful career and future. However, the cost of college, standardized learning, and lack of focus on education are problems at institutions. We need to consider what we want the next generation to be like. Do we want a doctor who spent more time partying over learning the anatomy of the human body? In order to prevent these things, we need to adjust and correct these issues to provide students with the best learning experience possible. The largest issue many students are facing due to our economic downfall is the price of going to college. First, each semester tuition of anywhere from 2,000 dollars or more must be paid to even enroll in class. Next, you have things like housing and meal plans which also can be pricey. Then, for those that commute they have to pay and fill up to go to and from class. Which to even attend class, they have to purchase the books and materials; some of which are 200 dollars a textbook. While scholarships help some, many run out or require certain criteria. There are now FAFSA and things that are aiding this by giving grants and loans. However, we could make attending easier on families by converting textbooks to one online text paid for by the school rather than dispersing hundreds of textbooks. Another solution could be giving commuting students additional funding by giving them something just for gas purposes only at least then that’s one less payment. The next issue that hinders education is the…

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