Benefits From Proper Sleep During Students Essay

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Benefits From Proper Sleep In Students
The National Sleep Foundation said that in a recent study only about 15% of the students reported sleeping 8.5 hours at night. Humans are required anywhere from 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep but in reality those hours do not fit into the average person’s daily schedule. Students are quite busy and the reason why the average student doesn 't have that amount of time to sleep is because they have a life outside of just school. According to Cornell University Health Services “It 's understandable that your academic studies, social life, part- or full-time job, and relationships often outrank sleep on your priority list”. This quote tell us that there more important things than sleep but that doesn 't mean that sleep is not important and that students don 't need it. Overlooking sleep could lead to complications with daily activities from how students perform certain activities to even how their mood and attitude is throughout the day. Sleep is something essential that should not by any means be overlooked. Sleep is the body 's way of resting and recovering from a long day of hard work. Even though some people argue waking up earlier increases productivity for students, the early start in schools is not healthy because scientifically humans are more productive with 8.5-9.25 hours of sleep, enough sleep can lead to better grades, and reduce depression.
Students need to give it their all in their daily activities in order for them to in the…

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