Benefits And Benefits Of Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana is a plant that can be harvested and dried then smoked. Marijuana can also be ground up and put into to food, these treats are called edibles and can take much longer for the effects to kick in, but the effects last longer. When smoked, Marijuana can take only a few seconds to a few minutes to feel the effects but the “high” doesn’t last as long as the edibles. Marijuana has a lot of benefits and beneficial effects on people, some medical and some non-medical. Marijuana can keep you skinny and help your metabolism. Even though a lot of people think that potheads and stoners would be fat because of the strong craving for food people get when they smoke marijuana “a study published in the American Journal Of Medicine on April 15 of 2013 suggested that pot smokers are skinnier than the average person and have healthier metabolism and reaction to sugars, even though they do end up eating more calories.” (Welsh and Loria). In this study they took thousands of adults, some who were current pot smokers, some who had smoked marijuana in the past, and some who had never smoked before. “Not only were the pot users skinnier, but their body had a healthier response to sugar.” (Welsh and Loria). Marijuana can also be used to treat the effects of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a state where there is increased pressure inside the eye known as intraocular pressure. Marijuana has been proven to relieve the intraocular pressure when smoked. “These effects of the drug may slow the…

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