Rivethead Tales From The Assembly Line Analysis

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In the story Rivethead: Tales From The Assembly Line Ben Hamper talks about his own personal experiences of working on the assembly line. Hamper wanted to do anything but work for the factory, but the tables turned and he needed the steady income. He was very unhappy with his job and began drinking all the time while he was there. Hamper does not hold back to explain every little detail about the conditions of working for the factory because he is no longer employed there. Ben Hamper was not a good worker, nor a bad worker, he did his job most of the time and had the “lazy but gets it done” work ethic of mostly everyone else who worked in the factory.
Growing up, Hamper wanted to do anything but work for the factory. He had trouble getting
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The factory managers had a fascinating idea to help the men do a good job while working, “Case in point: the management at the Truck Plant decided what the Quality concept really needed was a Mascot” (Page 112). The “Quality Cat” was a man named Howie Makem who would go around the factory cheering on the men to get their jobs done right. Ben always wanted to steal giant cat head and be the cat for the day, because he wanted to be outgoing. Howie Makem later on went missing, and the company came up with something new to keep the Quality drive going. Hamper ended up publishing stories from the factory people from coast-to-coast were intrigued. But, his last panic attack took a real toll on his health and he soon died on April 7, 1988.
Ben Hamper was not a good worker or bad worker. I believe that anyone who was working in those type of conditions were just trying to get there job done. He was constantly getting laid off and rehired, which was detrimental to health. Hamper got the job done most of the time, which is what matters most. It’s hard to be a “good” worker when you hate the job you have. He struggled with coming to terms with what his life was. He dreamed to be an outgoing person working as an ambulance driver, but that did not happen for him so he ended up having a mediocre life similar to his

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