Belonging Practise Essay Madagascar and Despicable Me 19/20

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Despicable Me and Madagascar Comparative Essay

To acquire a sense of belonging within our modern paradigm, one must be able to identify themselves in their surrounding environment that will habitually strengthen the relationships with the people in our society. Through Pierre Coffin’s film Despicable Me and the film Madagascar by Eric Darnell, and Tom McGrath we as the contemporary audience learn and realise the importance of acceptance which consolidate our relationships, experiences with our friends and family, and most importantly our selves. Understanding nourishes belonging, while a lack of understanding prevents it.

Deep and meaningful relationships allow us to integrate into society, and develop a positive outlook on most
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No one is able to truly understand or open up to Gru because of his spiteful nature and malignant characteristics. The juxtaposition of Gru’s house to all the other houses in the neighbourhood, portray to us that the people who aren’t accepted into society will stand out the most and that the people who aren’t accepted, will not be understood for who they are. Similarly to this, in the film Madagascar, Alex comes to the sudden realisation of his primeval desire after attacking his good friend Marty while they were running through the field. The use of pathetic fallacy in the scene where Alex isolates himself in the pouring rain, exemplifies Alex’s remorse towards Marty, and he succumbs to the fact that he indeed has become a wild creature. Through accepting his own ways, Alex is able to protect his dear friends and once again be accepted back into the group again.

Through experiencing obstacles and problematic events in one’s life, we as human beings are able to over come these adversaries by learning from our prior mistakes and reconciling with others. After Gru has claimed the moon as his own, he finds the ticket for the girl’s ballet recital in his pocket and through his facial expression, the determination and conviction in his face, depicts to us that in the events leading up to the moon

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