Book Report Into The Wild

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Into the Wild
The story into the wild is written by Jon Karkur soon after the death of Christopher Johnson McCandless. At first he was given the responsibility by the editors of outside magazine to cover the story of Alex real name McCandless who died at the age of 24 while he was hitchhiked to Alaska and walked into wilderness. His article covered the how Alex suffered starvation and vague and how he gave up his name, his bank balance and burned his wallet and gave all his possession to live an entirely new life. After finishing his article Jon Karkur spent an extra year due to his increasing curiosity regarding the McCandless life which made him write this book, Into the Wild.
Into the wild is a true story about an individual who was a
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The dialogues on page 77 and justifies that Alex had a rigid personality. “He restricted instructions of any kind”. “Chris just didn’t like being told what to do”. These dialogues by his family member and people close to him identified that his perspective was different from others. As explained before that the basic reason behind his selfishness was that he wanted to divorce his family. This was due to his stubborn characteristics of refusing or taking order which guides his action which prevents him to excel in his career and life. He hated people who tried to guide him or give him advice, as being 24 years old he had this element of stubbornness that most of the youth have . His independent personality clashed with his father that became the possible reason for his clash with others. This idea does not signifies that he had an stubborn personality like other people in Alaska, but as a 24 year old young man he had many flaws and if he had survived these miseries he would have ended up into a mature man with allot of learning and have adopted the attitude of forgiving and

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