Who Is Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild

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The film adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild is based upon Christopher McCandless and his attempt to abandon all his possessions, give his $24,000 in savings to charity and hitchhike to Alaska to live within the wilderness. Christopher abandons all family and during his lengthy journey to Alaska meets different people that help shape him in a unique way. Christopher ultimately wants to live off the land, only having what he needs. Although he states he does not want or need anything to be attached to, he makes human connections with like-minded individuals which provide an influence on his decisions and his overall journey to Alaska. In the end of his story, he comes to the realization that “happiness is only real when shared.” Before this Sean Penn movie adaptation in 2007, Jon Krakauer’s novel already …show more content…
Although some may argue that he was admirable for leaving a good message for people who crave freedom and peace with nature, throughout the movie, it can be seen that Chris McCandless is nothing but reckless for the actions he took depicted in the film. His actions inevitably are what ended his life, but this overall outcome of death was caused by giving up all things needed to survive and his wrongful philosophical views.

“The freedom and simple beauty is too good to pass up…” (Christopher McCandless). From the moment Christopher’s parents offer him a new car it can be instantly shown through his appalled reaction that things have no value and are meaningless to Christopher. This mindset from the very start of the film shares that what is offered and in his grasp, is never taken or used. In society, money and school have a large value to everyone. Chris is shown to graduate from college and that he has a large sum of money

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