Personal Narrative: Growing Up In America

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Growing up in America has many influences in itself. This nation has the foundation that everyone has their independence and own individual opinion on different matters. Every person has their own political beliefs, values, and opinion. Most people gain their beliefs from family values, but influential people, or influential communities that an individual surrounds themselves with on a daily basis. Growing up, my beliefs and values have been influenced through family, school, peers, and events.
For the past eighteen years of my life, I have come to believe I have an amazing family life. I have supported parents. My parents have also taught me good character and how to be the best version of myself. I greatly thank my parents for everything
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During the last two years of high school social issues were constantly brought up in religion classes to be debated. I am glad that I was able to freely express my opinion in school, because I also learned a lot of how others interpret current social issues. Even though I do believe in my religion, it does not one hundred percent shape my political views or political beliefs. Overall there are many extraordinary factors that shape how I view things on a political scale. By also attending the specific high school I attended, I was around a lot of different socioeconomic statuses and was part of a diverse population. By growing within this community, I have also learned about people’s different political beliefs as well as my own. Getting exposure to different communities I say allows people to be more educated on different issues, whether it is social status or community politics, to see the ways of other communities and different races than your …show more content…
A big event that I put a lot of political interest into are the wars. By having my uncle being deployed in during the first gulf war and then again decide to go back in during the current wars, along with knowing people who are involved in active duty service. I do not think being in the Afghan and Iraqi war has helped the United States in any way. I could see at the beginning due to the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001; but for the war to continue on for at least another decade. I know it is the duty of the military personal to project us and put other people’s lives in front of their own but for the number of years that this current war has lasted is almost too long. I personally feel that if we are going to continue to fight this war, there needs to be more of an explanations of why we are still there, because at this point American’s have forgotten the real reason why we decided to invade these countries in the first place. Sometimes I feel that event such as school shooting, and tragedies’ such as what happened at the Boston Marathon can be misinterpreted and goes not get the government attention that it needs. I get not wanting to focus on this horrible events for media sake, but the government does need to do more, especially on school shootings, because there are many schools that are having these types of shootings even though they might not all be

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