Being The Newest High School Essay

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Being the newest high school built in the district, behind one of the nicest communities in the Northland; Staley was looked upon as a 'temple ' of schools. Everyone wanted to go to the new, 'rich ', elaborate, successful, school. Don 't get me wrong, Staley was a great school but with all good things, there is room for improvement. If I could change three things about Staley it would be the reputation, disciplinary actions, and preparation for the future. Reputation plays a big part in success. Although Staley may have good test scores and a football team they are looked down upon socially. When you mention that you go to Staley, you immediately get a look of disgust and a feel of judgement. “Ew, you go to Staley, your snobby” “Staley is full of nothing but rich, illiterate, arrogant kids” Being an alumni from Staley I know that is only partially true. Of course Staley has their share of wealthy, arrogant kids but, what what school doesn 't? I want Staley 's reputation to change. I want everyone to know that most everyone there are 'normal ' students. The majority of us come from middle to low class families, that didn 't strive to go to that school but, we do because our older homes lie within the borders. Discipline is the bridge between right and wrong. If children aren 't disciplined for something that they do wrong, they will think it 's okay and most likely repeat the action. I believe that Staley has a major lack in correcting discipline. Rules are set in…

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