Being The First Mixed Child Essay

1063 Words Oct 1st, 2015 5 Pages
Being the first mixed child in my mom’s family, I was a satan as they would call me my so called family. Being an infant and not having anyone by your side, but your mother was tough. Now being the age of 16 and almost graduated, I was furious by the stories I heard from my mother. Even the news terrified me. Sitting there on the couch at the age of 15 watching how African American people in ferguson going on a riot over a Caucasian officer shooting a black young man named Michael Brown. The news thinks it’s racist, I just found it a coincidence. I get to school the next day, and as I walk into the door I get bombarded with a question like this “ Are you mixed?” I answer “Yes.” Then the person wanted to know if I knew about the Ferguson incident. “Of course.” I answered. I didn’t know where this was going, but I also kind of did. His buddies were just encouraging him to ask the next question. I wasn’t feeling very comfortable about all this, but I didn’t show it. His question was “Who are you rooting for?” I didn’t understand the question. “Say that again.” I was confused and shocked at the same time. What kind of question was that. He asked again, “Are you going to stick with Michael Brown, or are you for the white cop who shot him?” I processed this in my head. It was like my family all over again, except the whole group was black people, and I didn’t have to choose over a family member. It was like my soul was ripped out of my body. I could feel my hands getting sweaty,…

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