Being Smart Is A Double Edged Sword Essays

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Being smart is a double edged sword. While we strive for perfection in our craft, it’s also believe we don’t create the best piece of writing that we can make. People in this community tend to be mad men, needing to get that high score. This comes at the price of believing good writing is unachievable to us. This cycle of destroying our perception of our own ability has a sudden break when others in the same community come and save us from our personal hell. We believe others in our small group, but not the individual themselves. This exchange of constant self-hate towards ourselves, and the love we get from others, is one of the defining points of the writing community we love to call our own.
When we write essays, we groan at the thought of writing it alone. This distaste isn’t because of the hours spent writing and the motivation needed. Simply put, it’s because we don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t believe in our own writing abilities, and we don’t think that it is worth the time and effort. As Hannah Dawson reflects on her past writings in her essay Breaking The Cage, she ponders the following questions: “So why do I still feel like my work is flawed? Why do I feel like it’s never worthy of a grade or positive thoughts?” Our disgust for ourselves churns out negative self reflections, and the effects can be miniscule at best, or downright suicidal at worst. Hannah displays this self-hate perfectly through these questions, because her interpretation of her own writing…

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