Being On The Parole Board Essay

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Scenario 1
Being on the parole board puts you in positions that require you to make life changing decisions for a variety of people. You have the final decision for the inmate trying to get their life on the right path and also the responsibility to look out for the best interest of the public. Releasing a dangerous individual that’s likely to reoffend can cause numerous of problems later on down the road which may include lawsuits and potential loss of job. Every decision a parole member makes has to be made with a strong conviction that the offender will not reoffend. They have to take into consideration,
“primarily the risk to the public of a further offence being committed at a time when the prisoner would otherwise be in prison and whether any such risk is acceptable. While this is to be balanced against the benefit, both to the public and the offender, of early release back into the community under a degree of supervision which might help rehabilitation and so lessen the risk of reoffending in the future, the board is to be aware that safeguarding the public may often outweigh the benefits to the offender of early release in this situation”(Nayor).
Robert has to make an extremely difficult decision due to the pressure that Governor is applying. Overcrowding has been an ongoing concern for many of the prisons. The option to release offenders is not always the best choice due to the fact that they may reoffend. You can choose to not to release some offenders and worry…

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