Being Human Grants Us All The Ability Of Rational Decisions Essay

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Being human grants us all the ability to make rational decisions. The world is full of dilemmas that push our rationality to the limits. How are we to best evaluate such decisions to maximize good moral standing? Ethical theories can give us standards against which to compare the possible choices presented by a dilemma. Consider the following event: “A company had a policy of strongly encouraging all workers over the age of 55 to retire in order to allow younger workers to be hired and advance within the company. The company pension is modest, but a retiree can survive on it.” To determine the most ethically sound choice, one may use the theories of Utilitarianism, Natural Law, Kant’s Moral Theory, Virtue Ethics, Care Ethics, and Symphonology. Utilitarianism is a teleological theory developed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. This theory uses that Principle of Utility, stating that “we ought to do that which produces the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount.” To determine what produces the greatest happiness, one may use Hedonistic Calculus, which measure the quantity, intensity, duration, likelihood, and fruitfulness of pain and pleasure. This consequentialist theory values outcome more than motive. As eery human life is valued equally in this ideology, it is truly based on numbers rather than emotions. When applying Utilitarianism, we shall evaluate groups of individuals instead of using specific numbers. The Principle of utility analyzes the…

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