Kantian Ethics Reflection Paper

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In this paper I will discuss what I took in from the first month and a half of the Ethical Reasoning course. This paper explores how I previously made decisions up until now and how I plan to use the ethical theories which spoke to me to resolve dilemmas now. With the new knowledge of these ethical theories, I intend to use these theories on how to generate judgments when facing dilemmas. Prior to learning the concept of moral theories and what they were, I made decisions were similar to Act-Utilitarianism. After learning several ethical theories, the ones affecting me most are Ethical Egoism and Kantian Ethics – the information I absorbed during the course, I expect to have a change in mind when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Once attending …show more content…
This theory is what I plan to follow when it comes to making choices for dilemmas, because my actions, whether right or wrong, it does not depend on consequences but fulfilling our duty. What it means to me is being obligated to do my duty, even if the deed of my duty is right or wrong, it is whether I went through with it. If my achievement made others happy, even if wrong, what matters is the accomplished obligation. Kantian Ethics awakened my thinking of ignoring my flaws and appreciate my strengths; instead of focusing on my imperfections, I should depend on fortes on making others content. This made me realize my motives are not reliant if I believe I did wrong myself, but how others view it as right, because I completed my purpose. To illustrate, not studying for a test and receiving an average grade, there ought to be no shame in myself, I have to believe I can do better in the future and so others feel worthy about themselves whether their grades were below, average, or above. The grade should not hold me down, but motivate me to improve for the next test, as well as let me know I did my obligation in taking the test and not skipping out. With this theory, I plan to use Kantian Ethics when the consequence bothers me, because my actions do not follow through how I imagined it to be, but I ought to finish this for the happiness of others. Thus, Kantian Ethics addressed actions are not especially dependent on outcomes, production of happiness, desires, or needs come into play of human beings, including how motives, duties, and responsibilities are important to determine right or

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