Being Happy And Living A Good Life Essay

794 Words Jan 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Being happy and living a good life is the goal of every human being. Every human follows the different path to achieve happiness. After reading various texts about happiness, my view has changed about what is involved in being happy. When I was a child, my favorite sweets consisted of mostly chocolate. Most of the time my parent refuses to give me candy which upset me. I used to be happy when someone gave me chocolates. I believe that chocolates were one of the reasons for my happiness during childhood. Now, I realize that the love for chocolate was just pleasure; however, pleasure will not always bring happiness.. I used to be momentarily happy, but not fulfilled. Moreover, one motive for identifying happiness with pleasure is the quest for certainty about what is right and wrong. My parent knew that eating too many chocolates was not healthy and overtime good health was a key in eternal happiness. I love to participate in social activities and in return, I get respect and honors from others which make me happy. Honor, beauty and power are considered as externals. Pleasure and externals are often momentary. Beauty might provide pride and pleasure during young age, but it’s not forever. Externals are ingredients of happiness, but possessing these can never, by itself, result in happiness. However, possessing some amount of these traits may be necessary for the happiness. Certainly, pleasure is not a chief good. I believe that some of my social activities like teaching…

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