Being Diagnosed Is A Two Way Street Essays

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Time and time again, I sat in a hospital where my skin was pierced to extract this red fluid called blood. This red fluid was then taken to a lab for further tests, which usually made me frustrated since there was never any good news. For me, though it was much more than an emotion that had just appeared from the shadows of the abyss, but a revelation. Coming from a life of health conditions taught me to only see the negative aspect, but over time I began to see the positive aspect as well which brought me to this belief, being diagnosed is a two-way street.
Throughout my childhood, my mom picked up on clues I subliminally left her, without me even knowing. Whenever it was time to go shopping for food she would bring me along and sit me down in a shopping cart. Once we would pass the aisle that had fruits and vegetables I would begin to cry. My mother tested her curious theory on multiple occasions when we would take a trip to the grocery store. She then came to the conclusion that I love being around food. As time escaped my hands like grains of sand in the ocean I began to get an understanding of my body. If I eat a certain food, then I will feel a certain way. When I was in elementary school they had an event on Friday called “Ice Cream Dream”. I never paid any mind to the event since I could not have dairy, but on this particular day watching that old pale skinned man with brown shaggy hair scoop that creamy white as snow ice-cream into that mocha sugar waffle cone made…

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