Career Essay: A Career As A Personal Chef

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Food has always been a necessity, but in the last few decades, the process of eating has become something of a luxury. Now more than ever, Americans are taking what they put in their mouth into consideration, whether they’re self-proclaimed foodies or health-conscious parents who are too busy with their careers to be in the kitchen. For this reason, the idea of hiring personal chefs to do the cooking has becoming appealing to many. As stated in Ferguson’s Careers in Focus, “Entrepreneur, Time, US News and World Report, and others have listed personal chef services as one of the hottest new businesses” (95). The title of personal chef is something that I have decided to pursue, and have taken into special consideration the the path I will have to take to achieve this. From the amount of education, preparation, and experience I will need, to the duties that will be required of me as a professional in the field. As stated above, the career outlook for personal chefs is likely to rise in the coming decades as it has done in the last 20 years. I intend to explore the benefits of hiring a personal chef, and how they have become not only a convenience, but also a necessary cost for a certain percentage of the American population.
According to the Consumer’s Guide to Experts, the industry brings in close to $100
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Many personal chefs are able to provide a diverse and exciting choice of meals, and “can keep you entertained and well fed with new entrees for at least six months” (Consumer’s Guide 294). Along with cooking for their clients, there has been a rising trend in recent years of personal chefs who are capable of performing other tasks, depending on their personal skills. While these services come as an additional cost, they can save a host from having to hire out a party planner or a caterer when their personal chef is already the full

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