Essay about Being A Woman From A Poor Community

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Who am I? I regularly take a moment to understand who I am and who I yearn to become. I am first defined by Anglos as an uneducated female. At the same time, to my own ethnicity and culture, I may just be an ordinary female who is destined to grow up to become a respectable and caring housewife. Without questioning these assumptions, there are moments I come to believe I should fall into the expectation. Not long after, I come to realize that I am able to reach further in the world. Being a woman from a poor community doesn’t set my destination in this world. When I encounter people I have never encountered with, once in a while, I am questioned where I am from or what my ethnicity is. As soon as I respond, “I am a Chicana from Los Angeles.” I soon get the follow up question, “Where in L.A?” and I respond “South Central.” In some scenarios, there’s an awkward silence and suddenly they talk in regards of my community as being extremely rough; which I can slightly agree. Soon after, there’s a switch in attitude towards me. A few people don’t view me as an individual who has the ability to thrive. Instead, I am an uneducated female who may have relatives or friends in gangs, involved with drugs, and overall poor.
There’s a struggle into changing the reputation and terrible conditions people in my community have been led to live in. People from my ethnicity and community have grown to have a low reputation. Leading to a stereotype that has been engraved to every single…

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