Being A Veterinarian Can Be Fun Essay examples

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Being a Veterinarian can be fun, yet difficult. The Veterinary practice is a growing field of work, with a crazy history behind it, beginning with basic horses, to exotic animals now. Although, the road to becoming a Veterinarian can prove to be a big challenge, the real challenge began early on in history, when the transition from just horses, to many companion animals was taking place. Although the earliest traces of Veterinary work has been traced all the way back to 3000 B.C., to a person named Urlugaledinna. Urlugaledinna was considered an expert at healing horses, which is where the focus of Veterinary work originated. Horses remained the focus for many years. The official beginning of the Veterinary practice is said to have started in 1761, when a Frenchman named Claude Bourgout founded the Veterinary School in Lyon, France. The practice soon spread to the British. The development of this nationalities practice began when the Odigam Ag. Society, in 1785, held a meeting in which they stated, “That the Society will consult the good of the community in the general and of the limits of the Society in particular, by encouraging such means as are likely to promote the study of furriery (trading and dressing of furs) upon rational scientific principles”. The focus of Veterinary work centered on only horses for many years after, until a woman named Maria Dickin, the person responsible for the rise is companion animal medicine. In 1917, Maria founded the, “ Peoples…

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