Being A Successful Pharmacy Student Essay

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Through my experiences of hardships and seeing the agonizing pain in people who suffer a lot of disadvantages in society can provoke one to strive in making changes. In my early years, while living in Nigeria, I had many personal experiences of the amplitude of illness and its effects on the community. Sometimes the look on the faces of men begs for immediate aid from the shortages in health care. Many individuals suffered from common diseases that escalated to larger problems due to inadequate healthcare professionals to provide diagnoses and proper medications for treatments Moving to the United States was the best thing to happen to my family. I was optimistic in my vision of a bigger and brighter future where I could become a force in society. Unfortunately, my undergraduate career marked a disgrace of a grade point average. I am humbled, and I have every intention of proving that these grades do not represent my character and will not define my ability to become a successful pharmacy student. Through the years leading to my undergraduate career, my parents struggled hard to make ends meet for my siblings and I. Life became very challenging when I enrolled in college as the first member of my family to attend such institution in the United States. My father lost his job and my mother suddenly returned to school to complete her nursing degree. During the years, while working a full-time job and supporting my family, I enrolled in school full-time to keep pace with…

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