Being A Responsible American Citizen Essay example

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My brother came home the other day from his fourth grade class confused as to why some of his classmates did not know how to tie their shoes. Few parents will deny that there is an education crisis in America. Hearing this was not only a surprise, that his classmates could not tie their shoes but a concern. Parents across the country are complaining about today’s school systems failing to mold and shape their kid to be a responsible American citizen. Not because teachers are failing to fulfil their duty as a teacher to teach his or her students, but parents lacking to fulfill their responsibility of molding their children to be civilized students. The more parents fail to be involved in their kids education the more schools are having to pick up the slack. Becoming a parent should include the pride in their kids new scholarly accomplishments. But parents need to stop speculating on the “Don’t worry we’ll handle everything. Just get your child on the bus every morning” system. The government needs to stop overworking teachers, and parents need to understand that becoming a parent includes becoming involved in their kids education.
As a parent, some commandments should be followed concerning your own kids education. American society parents cannot rely on today’s school systems to raise kids. Not only are parents complaining on today’s school systems, but teenagers are as well. Social media is constantly being the venting place for teenagers where you see the daily tweets…

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