Being A Nurse Is An Important Job Essay

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Being a nurse is an important job. It takes commitment and dedication, but the profession is more rewarding than one can imagine. As a nurse, patients depend on you to care for them, the families of these patients depend on you too. They rely on you to give them the best care and to make sure all their needs are met during fragile times in their lives. In today’s society nurses are being over worked and patients are getting the attentive care they require. Assigning one nurse to a dozen patients for one shift. Today’s nurses are putting in the time and its taking a toll on their mental and physical status to the extent of them making mistakes while caring for these patients. The average age of a registered nurse is 45.5 years old (Brimmer). Majority of these nurses have been working for about half their lives in this field. This field is demanding a requires them to be alert and attentive at all times. A small mistake can turn into something much larger very quickly. For any person a 12-hour shift can be exhausting. Most nurses are going beyond that, with age staying focused and alert becomes more difficult. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities seem to be more interested in keeping their own cost down than the importance of patient care. In a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) the recommended ratio is one nurse to every three to four infants (Brimmer). The NICU is where premature babies and babies that need special intensive care stay, sometimes for months of…

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