Being A Happy And Positive Person Essay example

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I consider myself to be a happy and positive person, because honestly what do I have to not be happy about? Every day I wake up, and that in itself is a blessing. There are things in life that will cause us to be unhappy, but if I think of what I already have to be happy about it would be insane to be even slightly unhappy. We don’t deserve anything in life, no one owes us a thing, yet we are blessed with everything. That is my happiness, realizing that we deserve nothing yet we have so much. I try to make that my happiness. I try to consider everything I have and be grateful, and that makes me happy. When I think of what I don’t have, and what I want, and what I have that I despise; I become unhappy. There are special moments in life that make me happy too. The moments where I am touched by something and am overwhelmed with joy. My happiness, it is everything I am blessed with, and all the moments in between. Every morning I wake up, I am blessed. Around 6:15 my family wakes up too, I hear my little sister’s tiny feet fumble down the stairs I see her, and she says, “good morning my friend.” I am blessed. My brothers wake up. They are always grumpy, and not ready to wake up, but they are alive, I’m blessed. My mom cooks us some bacon, but my sister and my dad get to it before I can get a slice, but the smell of bacon permeates through the house, I’m blessed. I didn’t need a slice of bacon, the smell was enough. I pack my bag and get into the truck to leave for school. I…

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